Storage Boxes

For longer navigations one needs a lot more storage space, and one way to do this was by installing three storage boxes. These were cut out rom 9 mm. plywood, one shallow one on starboard side at the entrance (easily accessible from outside and where items are kept which may be need immediately, like binocular, anemometer, sun cream, cellular phone, reefing tie-downs, etc.), another on the starboard side in front for storing toilet paper, dishes, bags, et.), and another one on the port side (taking away some room from the sitting space) for storing electric and electronic items (spare batteries, flashlights, chargers, extension cords). The boxes are firmly attached to the liners by means of angles and all feature perforation below so that the water can run off.

Shallow box at the entrance. Perforations for water run-off can be seen.
Front starboard box.
Front port box.