Mocha Island Trip - Day 1

The whole morning was spent lowering the boat and preparing it for the navigation. In the Talcahuano port there is no proper marina, but the municipality has a sort of sailing club for children, and they are very kind to provide their slip for lowering the boat. I obtained a zarpe (permission to sail) without any problems and was ready to go. I finally set out at around 14:00. There was a moderate northern wind of about 10 knots. Initially, one has to go north for about 7 miles, and then, after turning around the northern tip of the Tumbes peninsula one heads southwest. The wind picked up a little bit, maybe to 15 knots and I was running under the jib and engine making some 6 knots. The trip was easy, and I arrived near the Puerto Sur of the Santa Maria Island slightly past 22:00 in total darkness.
Tumbes Peninsula.
Rainbow over San Vicente.
Occasional Fishing Vessel, in front of Hualpen Peninsula.
Near Sunset.
Santa Maria Island.